A Matter Of Time

It was only a matter of time until:
Spring and Spring Break arrived.
I have time to explore the fibers and fabrics in my 'work room'
I bought a Rigid Heddle Loom.

My birthday is in March. My husband and I buy our own birthday presents. Something we have done for the past few years and it's fun. It has to be something significant and that feeds our avocation.
In his case; golf equipment.
In mine; another toy for the quilt room.
After some deliberation and research, I decided on a 24" Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom. It took me about a half hour to put together. I also purchased the stand which I would recommend. My thoughts are to tackle the volumes of yarn scraps and impulse yarn purchases. Well, in fact it is doing just that. There is a learning curve, so I watched plenty of YouTube clips and bought a couple of valuable books. My first warp was not that successful so I removed it and tried again. Perfect. Let the fun begin. I started with a random variety of DK yarn and before I knew it  I was created fabric.
I also purchased an online lesson on Craftsy which was very helpful. It was a half-price special offer. ( I don't think I would have bought the full price version). I never purchased an online lesson before but I have to admit I really thought it is very good and I can refer to it anytime I please for a refresher.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with my first sample of fabric so I made a simple purse out of it.
Then it was only a matter of time...say a few minutes, before I was off and running to see what I could whip up next. Thinking placemats.

And then a table runner.

I think my knitting needles are jealous.

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