Summer break begins with an ipad case.

 My ipad is one year old this week. I can easily say it's probably the most enjoyable technology item I have ever owned. Recently, I've noticed all of the rage with fancy covers and so forth. I thought for sure I wanted to design one on my own, but when I got this particular pattern for sale at half price at Joann Fabrics, I grabbed it and decided to give it a review.  I started sewing this at 8:30 last night and had it finished by 11:15. (Another reason I love summer vacation, I can stay up as long as I want!)
"Two thumbs up". It takes 2 fat quarters and the measurements are very precise. The author does say at the onset, "be sure to read through the pattern first". I'm glad I did; it helped make the directions very clear. (I'm not always so obedient). But when it comes to my ipad, I want to do right by it. Because this was a trial run of a pattern, I chose two of my more uninteresting fabrics. Well, if the darn little thing just didn't come out perfect. It doesn't look too bad in these fabrics and I will use this for the time being.
Now, my plastic case I got with my ipad has a feature that helps it to prop up. I don't use that feature at all, yet my husband uses his all the time so this wouldn't work for him. I love the soft case, the feel of fabric (instead of hard black plastic and fake suede) and the fun look. I'm heading up to my sewing room to make another with some funky fun fabric. The pattern alone is a great reason to buy or use two coordinating fat quarters that you love and a fancy/fun button or two to decorate. (One note: All I had on hand was white elastic for the inside. Obviously black would disguise the elastic better. Since there is plenty of white in the fabric, it doesn't look bad at all. )
The pattern also comes with a pattern for a soft shoulder case for the iPad. I located the pattern on Clotilde for another view of this product.