Between directing a musical and life in general.

15 inches of snow over the last 24 hours so I have two snow days in a row. A rare thing indeed. It's given me time to organize specific aspects of the High School Musical I am directing and a moment to slow down as balancing the rehearsals and show demands with classroom teaching has been especially exhausting. The view off the front porch is indeed beautiful. Gratefully, I have a husband who treasures his snowblower and leaves none of that to me. It is heavy wet snow and I hope the kids who are home from school today are out there building snow forts as it is the perfect snow for that!
I'm directing our School Musical, "The Sound Of Music" that will be presented in 2 weeks. I spent yesterday making some of the "curtain costumes" for the Von Trapp children and Maria's apron.
I used a cheery fabric called Bijoux Swirly Buds Lime from Westminster Fabric. It was tricky picking just the right fabric, but I decided to go bright and colorful and I'm pleased with the choice. I ordered my fabric (since I needed 20 yards) from Fabric.com. I love this fabric source. Great sales and selection. It's one of my standard ordering sources. This fabric is wonderful quality. It has a wonderful sheen and feel to it. I can't wait to see it on stage. Also busy making the head dresses for the children in the wedding scene. Thankfully my horticulturist brother supplied me with tons of flower arranging supplies one Christmas so I have everything I need to make 5 of these cute flower head wreaths.
There is more to be done.  Someday I may return to my sewing room to finish some of my 'pre-musical' projects and I cannot wait.