Turkey Track Tote Bag /Unfinished Object - finished!

Today I headed straight to the sewing room. There say a box of two unfinished projects which had to be removed from the cutting table to accommodate costume making for the show.  There sit two projects, an unfinished purse and a wall hanging that only needs to be quilted and binded.

I finished the tote bag. Turkey Track Designs. Neat purse, for sure. The pattern is not for a beginner, though. It can be a bit confusing to follow. Any one with purse making experience will not have a problem.
I would make the handle a little shorter and a little narrower. I added interfacing to the handle for strength. This pattern has lots of possiblities.  I probably will use the ideas in some of my own designs further on down the road. I found this pattern at Joann Fabrics.
Anyhow, it felt good to get back to the sewing room and to say I finished an UFO.


It' Spring.

Walks and springtime discoveries.
Hiking in the woods is great in March. No tall grasses or black flies. Warm sun, sap dripping from the trees.
No school, only the peace and quiet of nature. Sapsuckers, red winged blackbirds, robins, geese.
The world is coming to life.


So this has been what I have been up to.....

Directing a musical.  That's it. No time for anything else. No quilting, no cooking. 15 hour days at school 7 days a week. Three months of intense rehearsing. But now it's done.
The Sound Of Music. I know; pretty saccharin but it was wonderful despite all of it's preconceived notions.
The poor show gets such a bad reputation.  It doesn't help that the movie plays a million times a year on TV. Well we were out to debunk the Julie Andrews myth. (I still love Julie Andrews) But Maria Von Trapp she was not.  Plus the stage production is so different from the movie.
Such amazing people involved and most importantly, a truly wonderful learning experience for all.

The "VonTrapp children" were perfectly cast......

A cast of 50 people.

25 nuns. A beautiful sound. We had some alumni and faculty members join us.

Georg and Maria were perfect. Such voices.