New cardigan in time for fall....just in time!

My new cardigan. I knit this sweater in 1 month, thanks to some long plane flights and some rainy August days thanks to a couple of East Coast hurricanes. Great sweater and great yarn. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury tweed and the pattern is Pure and Simple V-Neck Cardigan. Knitted from the top down.....fitting is a breeze. http://knittingpureandsimple.com/

It's a good thing I finished it....it's only in the 50's today. Perfect sweater weather!


Summer memories

 Well, the summer is coming to an end. A great summer. Took a trip to Maine to see our children and granddaughter and two weeks ago my husband and I took a vacation to the west coast to visit San Francisco and the wine country. I could write an entire blog on just that! We did visit the Napa region and some of the Sonoma country and we do know it is going to be a place we will revisit again, no doubt!  We stayed at some great places and we acquired some great wine. Upon suggestion of our B & B host, we brought our treasured wine home as checked luggage on the plane. It is safer and faster. She suggested this very cool wine carrier especially designed for the job.
It got our wine home safe and sound from California to Central New York State. When filled with wine it weighed 43 lbs. so it stayed under the 50 lb. weight limit. The beauty is that it has rollers on the bottom and it folds down flat so we can bring it out with us back to the wine country. The unit is called Wine Check.  It cost us $54.00, but it would have cost more to mail it and certainly it might have been exposed to more treacherous conditions to the wine. It was the first thing off the plane and at the baggage pick-up! 

After getting back from California it was back to work. Thinking of school and balancing my fun in my sewing room.  Made a grocery bag from some upholstery type material. Added an embroidery to the front pocket that reflected my kitchen task this week. I made and canned homemade salsa from the abundance of tomatoes this year. I'm bringing the bag to the store today as I am out of tortilla chips! And I'll take some wine with that.